Solar Powered Vent Fan Car Auto Cool

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₱1,199.00 ₱2,000.00
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  • Solar powered - needs no batteries!
  • Fits any vehicle window.
  • Provides a cooler environment for your kids or pets in parked cars.
  • Blows hot air out of the parked car and draws the cool fresh air in.
  • Protects dash, interior, and valuable items in your car from high temperatures.

Keeping the air inside your car makes a big difference both for the interiors and the people riding in it. The Auto Cool Solar Powered Air Cooler Ventilation is a solar-powered fan that keeps the interior of your car cool and fresh. 

No batteries are needed to run this nifty contraption. Just roll down your window, place the Auto Cool on it, and roll it back up. The solar panels on the outside collect and use the sunlight to run the fan that's on the inside.The fan in the AutoCool circulates the air that's inside and outside of your car. It sucks out the hot air that's inside your car and replaces it with the cooler outside air so that you can have a healthier atmosphere, inside your car.

Don't let stagnant air fill your car. Give your car interiors the freshness that it needs with the Auto Cool Ventilation System and ensure fresh air every time you breathe in.